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CFM vs. Waterlift

 Here is the short version: CFM is defined as the Cubic Feet of Air per Minute that is moved through a specific size opening. In the vacuum industry, this is usually expressed as a standard size of two inches. Waterlift, on the other hand, is the vertical distance that same power source (a vacuum motor) is able to lift a column of water up a sealed tube (the water creates the seal), through the power of suction.

As the size of the opening (orifice) gets smaller, the waterlift increases and CFM decreases. Conversely, as the opening gets larger, the waterlift decreases while the CFM increases. Depending on the power unit these differences can be quite substantial.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to know how the performance of each individual power unit is effected by any one orifice within a particular system.

AirWatts vs. Orifice

AirWatts or "Cleanability Rating" is defined as CFM at a given opening (orifice) multiplied by the waterlift at that same opening, then divided by 8.5.

The most critical measurements are those representing the smallest size opening through which air is flowing in any particular system. Therefore, being able to calculate the AirWatts of each individual unit and knowing the actual orifice of each specific tools, makes it possible to select the power brush best suited for the needs of that system. In essence, you are able to create the optimum package for your individual requirements.
*Proven Test Results

Recent test results from an independent sound laboratory show that SilentMaster operates at a level of sound less than 68 (dB) -- below that of normal conversation.

And we think that's something we should not keep silent about!


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Independent sound laboratory sound chart:

Make your own test comparison today and you'll experience the Silent in SilentMaster.

* Test Data On File With Manufacturer.

See the difference! Hear the difference!
A manufacturer is only as good as its willingness to encourage comparison.

SilentMaster encourages you to compare, not only the construction of other units, but to actually use and listen to other working models as well. Each SilentMaster unit is made of 20-gauge steel, electronically spot-welded for strength and lifelong durability, then coated with a baked-on, high gloss enamel finish. All system parts and electrical components are the finest available.

Finally, the 'Silent' is put into SilentMaster with an innovative design* for acoustically insulating the motors in their own housing...all without affecting power or performance. So, if it's your desire to have the maximum in quality and performance, we are confident that wise and careful discernment will lead you to SilentMaster.

SilentMaster Warranty

SilentMaster warranties all its power units against electrical component failure for a period of six (6) years.  Any parts (excluding filters) required within the first six years will be furnished free of charge by the Authorized Dealer from whom the power unit was originally purchased.

Additionally, all SilentMaster units are guaranteed for life against defects in materials and workmanship.  In the event an Authorized Dealer is not nearby, SilentMaster will honor and perform warranty services provided the power unit is returned to the factory, freight pre-paid.  This warranty does not apply to commercial applications, misuse, abuse, acts of God, or if the unit has been worked on by an unauthorized person.

Write Your Own Warranty

If you, the owner, believe there exists a more thorough or effective warranty by another central vacuum manufacturer, M.D. Manufacturing will honor the other company's warranty in lieu of the SilentMaster Warranty under the following conditions:  A complete copy of the alternate warranty in writing must be attached to the M.D. Manufacturing Warranty Registration Card.  This card must be sent postage pre-paid to M.D. Manufacturing, Inc.  MD will then honor the commitments listed on the alternate manufacturers warranty including issues of non-transferability, wear and tear, or other exclusions.
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