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Modern Day Central Vacuum Systems


Modern Day central vacuum units exude old fashion quality with modern high-performance. Enjoy the benefits of cleaning with a reliable Modern Day vacuum unit. Easily meet the unique cleaning needs of your home with one of our quality models.

Modern Day is designed for value. They are built specifically for the small to medium sized home. They are also built to last. Our customers enjoy decades of service with little to NO maintenance for their vacuums. Finally, Modern Days are geared for maximum airflow. Our HyperFlow filters have 1,500 in2 of surface space for air to pass through. That means more airflow and suction
HyperFlow® Filtration

Modern Day features HyperFlow filtration. Our filter bags are a 3-ply microgeometric technology. They are not made like typical paper bags, but are a woven cloth-like material. HyperFlow is engineered for most airflow while still functioning as a motor-protecting filter

Made in the USA MD Modern Day systems are designed and hand-made in the USA. Solid steel sheets are molded, forged, powder-coat painted, and finished in the MD factory located in Bakersfield, California. Each unit is carefully assembled and tested by industry professionals to insure quality.

Efficient Trash Capacity MD Modern Day units have an 8-gallon trash capacity. Our units use a two stage bag filtrationwith the motors located at the base of the unit, below the bag. What does this mean for trash capacity? We compact more dirt than our competitors. Our units constantly suck dirt downward (with gravity) against the lower, inner layer of our 3-ply HyperFlow filter bags. This allows for more trash capacity in our 8-gallon receptacles vs. the capacity in other 8-Gallon inverted bag or cyclonic central vacuums

Capable up to 6,000ft Modern Day central vacuums are available in efficient motor options. Just like any of our motors, Modern Day motors maximize performance without costing you large amounts of money. What makes Modern Day motors different, however, is that they are just the right amount of power for your small to medium sized home.

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